Monday, May 18, 2015

A Steamy Conversation

Well.. It was a hectic day. So naturally, the next day, am at my gym, fixed an appointment for steam bath. I havent had steam bath before, so this was my maiden attempt. I did google about the experience and do's and don'ts. But nothing went into this blockhead and hence, i went there, with a blank canvas mind.
"Sir. You can use the steam facility now", said the gym instructor. I went in, and only thing i knew was to wear towel only while in a steam room, and i did so. It was as if the entire fog of kodaikanal had decended in the Madras heat. I could only see the two spotlights from floor. So I did not know what to do, I could not see anything, and was standing like a lamp post in the room.

I managed to find the seating area, and sat down. Not knowing what to do, i started chanting the god's name, squatting in the seat. I must have dozed off, cuz I felt a hand touching me. I awoke with a rude shock, and saw a person standing there. This conversation happened after that.

Me: Whoa dude! Who are you?
Him: *smiles*  Would you believe if i told you i was god?
Me: Heck no! God is not a physical embodiment. He/She is just an unknown power, given an appearance for people to believe. God's a metaphor. A fictitious superhero. A..

I was interrupted by him. Not exactly did he tell me to stop. But i heard a voice in my mind asking me to stop.

I did....

Then i realized. Maybe this IS God. Maybe he is not fake. Maybe he exists. A lot of maybes came through my mind, interrupted again by a short cough.

Him: So... You do have a lot of questions, right? a few doubts? a lot of 'Maybes'?
Me: *gulp* Err.. how do you know that?
Him: I just happen to. For am the god. Or so they say.  So ask. Get your doubts cleared!
Me: Wait a minute. Are you a Hindu god or a Muslim god?
I almost slap myself after that question. What nonsense?  I'm an Idiot.  
Of course he is a Hindu god. That's why he appears to me like in the Vitalacharya films, with smoke (steam) effect.

Him: Lol!
Me: What?
Him: Of course you're an Idiot. I'm not religious. Don't try to categorize me. Try categorizing your wardrobe first.
Me: Thanks. You were the last person i had expected in my life to acknowledge that! I was expecting, based on my past decisions, that god would be saying this when and if i meet him after my death. Didnt expect it so soon.
Hey.. Wait a minute. Am i dead?

Him: Of course not, stupid.. You're inside a damn steam room. Not inside the boiling oil kadaai... Just a small sleep and you think you're dead? This is my facepalm moment, dude.

I sheepishly grin. But what about the answers for all my maybe's?

As I was lost in thoughts, i woke up suddenly. Only to realise it was a dream.

Or, was it? 

                                                                      ...To be continued

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