Thursday, July 2, 2009

The elongated bubble gum....

We've all seen cows chewing something always.. Sometimes it used to amuse me so much .... :)

Guess it has inspired a few to make use of that technique to their lives- Yes! The MEGA SERIAL MANIA.... Or MSM in Short....

Picture this:

The strong willed, Kind Hearted, "good for good- evil for evil" character, pleasant looking, always sari clad lady with simple looks happens to be the lead character( a.k.a Protagonist) while her in law happens to be the world's most cruellest creature, defeating Hitler, Mussolini and the like!! The Protagonist wins the heart of all in the family she lives, except the in laws, and they seem to be having no other job than planning to degrade and insult her! But she, with the simple and great mind, overcomes ALL Difficulties, and tries to enlighten her in laws till the end.

Not to forget the Husband! He turns good, then bad, then again good and this goes on! :D

Oh yea! The ennumerable thugs threatening the protagonist and her "Good natured" mates, their boss, some idiot roped in to perform something Called Comedy, the list goes on!

Ever heard of Prime Slots? Well.... The "time zone" within which these serials run( or, kill) is known as prime slots...

A typical Slot would start at 10:30 in the morning( It was twelve before, and slowly, like the waves of sea, it rose to 10:30) and run till 2:30 ( or even 3) .

Thus, if one wants to know what happened in one particular Episode of a Serial, Then all He / She( yes! Some men folk watch it too.. :D The retired gentlemen have no other job!) can start from the morning.. At the end of the day, He / She would've gained what is called the MSU ( Mega Serial Understanding).. This would result in them predicting what'll happen in the next episode! Some clever ( and totally jobless) people would actually go to an extend of predicting the next episode of a serial in a different channel, as well, Which can be referred to as MSU-X(Mega Serial Understanding-eXtreme). And probably the best among them as far as i can remember is The Long Spelt Short Word - Junoon. (Co incidentally, Though the name had Noon, it was aired in the Night! :P) Oh my god! The title song itslef stretched the name so much ( Junoooooon , Junooooon, Junooooon,* IN BackGround, high pitched voice Sings / Screams *JUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!)

And those days were even worse.. DD did a great job of TRANSLATING the Holy Hindi Teleserials, by dubbing them in regional languages( Pidivaaadham, Pidivaadham, Pidivaadham PIDIVAAADHAM!!!!)[Thats the tamil lyric of Junooooon!]

20-20 is well known to many... But heard of 10-20? Well... For all those "Serial"ly Challenged, 10-20 refers to the "Time Management" of these "Serial" Killers!

Yes! Ten minutes of Content that revolves around the Story (IF ANY) (Title song/ End Song excluded) and the remaining Twenty minutes around advertisements!

I wonder why the high pitched "Hohohohoo Hohohohoo" and "Aaaaaaa" are considered as *Background music* of the Serials? What do they gain by Shouting like this? Gosh.....

And the TRP's [Target Rating Point] seem to have more value than MRP's !! Probably Wikipedia can explain better than me! :D

But then, there were quiet a handful of good ones worth watching , Like Sea Hawks that introduced the Chocolate hero Madhavan, Sivamayam that incorporated a mysterious story of the 18 Siddhars helping good people , And the more recent Enge Brahmanan, which was brilliantly explained by Cho.Ramaswamy, Editor of Thuqlaq Magazine and author of ennumerable Books based on hinduism, dealt with the religious Rituals and why they were formed..

Those By Naga had a greater impact and brilliant storyline, and was practically incorporated into a thin fictious storyline, giving a belief....(And Relief!)

And i personally love the Chidambara Ragasiyam as it dealt with the Naadi josyam, or Palmistry, one of the most ancient forms of astrology...
Not to forget Rudraveenai, another best, i feel, that deals with the Quest of an Ambal Upasagar searching for a priceless Rudraveena

So to conclude, all i request is to stop Silly Themes, as they actually create a hell lot of problems in real lives of many families... Children learn bad things more easily now, and i think, Mega Serials contribute to the Psychological disturbance in a child's thought process... And i feel its just a waste of time watching these Mega S(aw)erials! Instead, reading a good book, or something useful can be done, is what i feel....

Once again, i've succeeded in Giving a random set of facts and thoughts in this "not-so-orderly" entry!

Comments welcome!!